Culinary treats

Slow Food

We prepare our food fresh every day for our visitors and Kellerstöckl guests. Our ingredients are sourced exclusively from organic producers in the region. And we serve our Jura and Carniolan stone lamb specialities fresh from the grill. Our current menu and opening times are posted weekly on our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Beim Legath Hochzeitslocation Kulinarik
Beim Legath regionale Kulinarik
Slow Food. Regionally grown. Consciously cooked.
Beim Legath Kulinarik in der Natur

Cooking with nature

In our kitchen, less is more because we appreciate the supposedly “simple things” like the taste of a potato. Nature provides us with everything we need. Herbs and grapes grow out of the ground, sheep graze on the land, and even the clay used to build our clay cottages (Kellerstöckl) comes from the earth. It goes without saying that we live in harmony and respect with nature.

Beim Legath Kulinarik Schafe

Our sheep & their secret

Our Jura and Carniolan stone sheep are a special treasure. The Carniolan stone sheep were once an endangered breed with only 80 sheep left when the owner of the adobe holiday homes Sigi Legath adopted some of them. Here they eat only the fresh green grass of the meadows, which contributes to the excellent quality of their meat. It has a slightly gamey flavour as the fat does not taste as intense of sheep. Interestingly, there are days when the male sheep give off a more intense sheep smell than other days. Only nature knows why.