Beim Legath

Visions with clay

Our hearts yearn for grounding, for earth, nature, family and peace. It is out of this longing that our holiday and life project was born. It is an invitation to live more in harmony with nature and to feel nature within you. We offer a space where there is “real” time: time for each other, time for yourself. Where else can you watch the vines grow?

Beim Legath Haustiere Hund
The entire region used to build its traditional wine cottages from clay
Beim Legath regionale Ferienhaus aus Lehm_Südburgenland

Simple and good is the goal

For founder Sigi Legath, the connection to nature has always been central. So building with clay comes naturally. For 40 years, Sigi Legath has lived in a loam house he built himself and would not change for anything in the world. Sigi Legath can justifiably be called a “loam expert”. With his holiday houses in the traditional Kellerstöckl style, he acts as an ambassador for clay as a high-quality, regional building material. He wants to show that it makes sense to use what is readily available locally. Clay regulates temperature and humidity, ensuring a perfect indoor climate all year round. This not only creates a special feeling of comfort, but also ensures a high quality of life and living.

“In the heart of the Uhudlerland, we live with and for nature, understanding our responsibility for its gifts: so what we do, produce, promise and keep should be simple and good. That way everyone is happy.“ – Sigi Legath.