Vineyard Wellness

Walking barefoot across the meadow, finding a cosy spot to listen to the sounds of nature or simply enjoying the peace and quiet and letting your mind wander – that’s what we call vineyard wellness. All you need is time and the willingness to do nothing. We are happy to provide you with our wellness facilities free of charge. And what about the “after-effect”? Well, that’s our secret. All we can tell you is that once isn’t always enough!

Beim Legath Hochzeitslocation mit Wellness im Weingarten
Beim Legath Natur-Sauna
Time to relax
Beim Legath Wellness Sauna

Barrel Sauna

… or a Burgenland-style sauna. Our six-person wood-heated barrel sauna, made of Swiss stone pine and spruce, blends in beautifully with our vineyard. The round shape allows the warm air to circulate better in the sauna, resulting in a more even heat. The view of nature and the vineyards makes it even easier to relax.

Hot Tub

For relaxing hours in the open air, there is a wood-heated pine hot tub on each terrace of our two Kellerstöckl holiday homes.