Moments that last

There is a reason why we call ourselves a “holiday and life project”. There is plenty to do in and around our vineyards. In southern Burgenland, we love to set aside some time for the finer things in life. And that does not always mean they have to be expensive. We believe that happy moments last longer when you share them with the people you love.

Beim Legath Hochzeitserlebnisse
Beim Legath Heiraten mit Erlebnissen_Traktor Fahrt
Have you ever slept on a hay bed?
Beim Legath Hochzeitslocation mit Heubett

Sleep in a
hay bed

When was the last time you slept under the open sky and counted shooting stars? At Legath we also have our own cellar tradition: we cheer the setting sun with a glass of Uhudler.

Vintage Tractor Tour

Experience South Burgenland with our own vintage tractors. Turn on the ignition and enjoy the wind in your face. The most amazing feeling! You can use our tractors free of charge and we are happy to give you training. If you just want to enjoy the scenery or are planning a group outing, you can also opt for a guided tractor tour and wine tasting for an additional fee.

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Legath Schriftzug
Beim Legath Uhudler Frizzante Workshop_Weinproduktion
Beim Legath Hochzeitslocation mit Ausblick_Uhudler Frizzante

DIY Frizzante & Wine Cellar Workshop (can be booked separately)

Immerse yourself in our winemaking process. Join us in our wine cellar workshop where you will learn about the steps of wine making and finish by bottling your own Frizzante. You can even design the labels for your own bottles. And for those who are interested, we will tell you the fascinating story of Uhudler and its importance to the region. Expect a lot of wine knowledge and a lot of fun.

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Beim Legath Weinreben im Burgenland

Rent a vine

Become part of our “Vine Community” and join us in late summer for the harvest and production process. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive your own wine to enjoy at home.

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