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Living with the vines

For decades we have been organic winegrowers with heart and soul. We love our region and are particularly fascinated by the Uhudler vines. We feel connected to their roots. They carry the sunny disposition, perseverance and joie de vivre that are so typical of South Burgenland in the easternmost corner of Austria. And that fills us with gratitude.

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Our products

On our vineyards with a size of approximately 3.3 hectares, the vines can unfold their full flavor. They enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year, which you can taste in every drop of our Uhudler beverages, which we produce in our own wine cellar: the Uhudler wine and the sparkling Uhudler Frizzante, the refreshingly sweet Uhudler grape juice and our homemade Uhudler jam.

We are also members of the association Uhudlerland . “For our Uhudler region here in South Burgenland is ‘a place with a soul and the home of quirky characters and rebellious spirits.  We would love to share the fascinating story of the Uhudler vine and how the wine got its name during our DIY Frizzante & Wine Cellar Workshop.

You can find Uhudler in our Tschardake
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24 hour drinks service

Our vineyards and the surrounding countryside are ideal for leisurely walks. If you fancy a picnic or want to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, you can grab a drink from the fridge in our Tschardake: Uhudler, Uhudler Frizzante, Uhudler Grape Juice or Uhudler Gin from our partner beGINer. You might be wondering what a Tschardake is. A Tschardake is a wooden structure that can still be found in rural eastern Austria. Originally they were used for drying and storing corn cobs.